Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - June 13, 2019

June 13, 2019

1) Friends star Courtney Cox has a timeless fashion sense. She posted a photo of her 15-year-old daughter going to prom in a dress that Courtney ounce wore to a red carpet premiere 21 years ago. What Friend did Courtney Cox play? 


2) Mark Hamill revealed on James Corden's show that he was once fired from Jack in the Box for impersonating the fast food chain's clown mascot over the drive-thru intercom. His boss told him to go home and never come back. What villain did Mark Hamill voice in Batman: The Animated Series? 


3) The Taylor Swift / Katy Perry alliance appears to be holding.  They recently had a girls' night, and Taylor brought cookies on a plate that said, "Peace at last." Both Katy and Taylor have been known to date famous men, but what man did both reportedly date? 


4) Netflix just renewed "Russian Doll" for a second season. The show stars Natasha Lyonne as a woman who keeps experiencing the same day over and over again. You may know Lyonne from Orange is the New Black and playing Tar Reid's best friend Jessica in what teen movie?  

5) Miley Cyrus took to Instagram to wish Liam Hemsworth a happy anniversary and slam breakup rumors. The two met 10 years ago on the set of a Nicholas Sparks movie the pair starred in. Name that movie. 


Play along and listen below: