Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge: June 13

June 13, 2016

1)  Woody Harrelson returned to star in "Now You See Me 2" which was the #1 movie in America over the weekend.  Woody became a star as a Bartender on the classic Sitcom "Cheers".  What was his character's first name? 

2)  The Director of "The Passion of the Christ" had indicated that he wants to make a sequel.  He also directed "Braveheart"  Who is he? 

3)  Prince’s tribute at the BET Awards will include The Roots. What late night talk show do The Roots serve as the house band for?  

4)  James Corden hosted the Tony's last night and opened with a simple, touching tribute to the victims of the tragedy in Orlando.  James Corden is the host of what late night TV talk show?  

5)  The TV show cast of "Friday Night Light's" got together over the weekend to celebrate the anniversary of the premiere of their show.  What year anniversary was it? 

Play along here:

Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge: Priscilla