Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - June 10, 2019

June 10, 2019

1) Denzel Washington has been honored with the American Film Institute's life tine achievement award.  Upon receiving it, he turned the spotlight away from him and unto his wife of 4o years and gave her her own standing ovation.  How many Oscars has Denzel won...1 2 or none?  

2) Real Housewives reality star Lisa Vanderpump is leaving the show after 9 seasons.  Is she on the REal Housewives of Beverly Hills, Orange County or New Jersey?

3) Céline Dion's final Last Vegas residency show included a touching tribute to her late husband and manager, René Angélil. The 51-year-old Grammy-winning singer performed her 1,141st and last concert at the Colosseum at Caesar's Palace on Saturday after 16 years.  Within 5 years, without going over...how much older was Celine's late husband than she is?

4) Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarenegger were married over the weekend.  It's Pratt's second mariage.  He was also married to  actress Anna Faris.  How manyt films did the two appear in together?

5) Natalie Portman tunred 37 ovetr the weekend.  NAme the Star Wars movie that tunred her from star to MEGA STAR! 

Play along below: