Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - July 8th, 2016

July 8, 2016

Listner Tanya flunked out of Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge today. How will you do? 

1) Boyband star Joey Fatone is opening a hotdog sand in Orlando called Fat-Ones.  What 90's boy band was Joey a part of...The Back Street Boys, N'Sync or The Monkees? 

2)  The Miss Teen USA pageant...in an effort to quote, "celebrate young women who lead active, purposeful lives" is doing away with this competition at the next Miss Teen USA Pageant.  

3)  This actress was just named the highest grossing Actress of all-time.  Is it Scarlett Johannson, Julia Roberts or Meryl Streep?  

4)  Neighbors of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg are not happy with him today. He is building a wall around his $100 million Kauai estate and neighbors are complaining that it blocks their view of the Pacific Ocean (rich people problems). Who played Zuckerberg in the film "The  Social Network"? 

5)  Next week...San Diego hosts Baseball's All Star Game.  What city hosted the All Star Game last year?

Play along below:

Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - July 8th, 2016