Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - July 8, 2019

July 8, 2019

1) The US Women's Soccer team Repeated as World Cup Champions, beating Netherlands in France yesterday.  What country won the LAST World's Cup? 


2) Martie Charnin, the Tony Winning writer who created and directed the musical "Annie"  passed away last week.  According to that musical famous song "Tomorrow", you can bet WHAT that "Tomorrow, there'll be sun?" 


3) A Hollywood tragedy over the weekend as 20 year old Disney channel star Cameron Boyce passed away.  Boyce played one of Adam Sandler's sons in the movie "Grown Ups"  In that movie 5 child hood friends reunite after elementary school coach died.  What sport did the kids play? 


4) Last month, photos of Ryan Seacrest kissing a woman by the sea in France.  That mystery woman has been indentified as 24 year old model Larissa Shott.  Seacrest was previously linked to former DWTS dancer and judge Julianne Hough who now is a judge on what TV show?


5) Disney's live action trailer for Mulan was released yesterday.  In the 1998 animated film...what was the name of the Ruthless villain in Mulan...Shan Yu, Mushu or General Li Shang?


Play along and listen below: