Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - July 6th, 2018

July 6, 2018

1) Chris Evans took to Twitter on the 4th of July to wish the Avenger he plays a happy 100th Birthe day.  Which Avenger is he? 


2) A new survey asked people what platform they used to view TV content.  What was #1...cable, You Tube or Netflix? 


3) On Tuesday, Bush’s Beans announced that the dog who’d played the unofficial company mascot, had died.  Was the dog named  Bo, Duke or Cooter?


4) A new mom in Wisconsin couldn't breastfeed after an emergency C-section last month.  But the baby needed skin-to-skin contact.  So a nurse rigged up a way for the DAD to breastfeed.  Name the 1994 movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a pregnant man.  


5) Sacha Baron Cohen is coming back to TV . . . but it's not exactly clear what he's doing.  He's in talks with Showtime to distribute a new series that's supposedly similar to "Da Ali G Show". That's the show where he played three different characters:  Ali G, Borat, and whom? 


Play along below: