Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - July 27th, 2018

July 27, 2018

1)Taylor Swift Has Her Cats' Names Trademarked...true or false?  


2) Actress Michelle Williams surprised everyone and got married yesterday. Michelle is an Oscar Nominated actress who got her start on what 90s/2000 teen drama...One Tree Hill, Dawson's Creek or Party of 5? 


3) The latest Tom Cruise Mission Impossible movie opens today and shouldn't have any real competition.  It's up against the animated  "Teens Titans Go! To the Movies"  Teen Titans actually was a TV show that aired on what cable network? 


4) Chris Hardwick will return to hosting his TV shows after an investigation on accusations he abused his ex-girlfriend concluded. He hosts a live aftershow on AMC to discuss the events of that nights “The Walking Dead” episode. What is his show called?  


5) Kristen Stewart will star in yet ANOTHER reboot of Charlie's Angels.  Charlie's Angels was ORIGINALLY a TV show in 1976...and then a 2000 reboot that co-starred and was produced by Drew Barrymore.  Drew co-starred with Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu...name ANY of the angels they played.  


Listen and play along below: