Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - July 26, 2019

July 26, 2019

1) Jake Gyllenhall has indicated that he wants to be a father....(and Im sure the volunteer line will be long) Jake was a child star that made his debut in the film "City Slickers"  but really became a star costarring with the late Heath Leadger in what romantic western drama?


2) Netflix has announced that it is dumping several popular shows...including the show Designated Survivor.  Designated Survivor stars an actor that starred on ANOTHER show where he basically saved the world in one day.  Who is this actor?


3) Kit Kat just announced the first pumpkin spice flavor of the year.  SING the missing part of this Kit Kat Jingle...Give Me a Break....Give me a Break...


4) Matt Leblanc...aka Joey from Friends had a birthday this week.  On the show Friends...Phoebe was a musician...a cab driver...but her main job was what? 


5) The Brady Bunch is going home on HGTV. A Very Brady Renovation will be the latest Brady show since the original aired in ​1969.  On the original....What was the name of the Brady's dog?


Play along and listen below: