Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - July 24, 2019

July 24, 2019

1) Everyone's talking about the trailer for that Mr Roger's movie starring Tom Hanks.  The movie's called Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, which of course was part of the theme song of Mr Rogers' tv show that ran for decades on which network....MTV, PBS or CBS? 


2) Quentin Tarantino revealed that he and Uma Thurman have been talking about another "Kill Bill"movie.  It's just  talk as of now-nothing official...but if it does work out which number Kill Bill movie would it be? 


3) Speaking of Quentin Tarantino, Variety ranked all of his movies...which one finished #1...Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained or Inglorious Basterds?  


4) The MTV Video Music Awards announced their nominees yesterday.  What is the name of the actual award statute that's given to the winners of the MTV Video awards? 


5) Britney's sister Jamie Lynn Spears is in talks with Nickelodean about rebooting the TV show thatshe starred in and ran from 2005-2008.  Name it. 


Play along and listen below: