Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge- July 1st, 2016

July 1, 2016

1)  America's most trusted actor, Harrison Ford played the President who fought off terrorists on HIS OWN plane...which is also the name of the movie. 

2)  Will Smith WISELY turned down the Independence Day Sequel.  What was the name of the TV show that made Will Smith a movie star? 

3)  In 2000...Mel Gibson played a father and a War hero, who is swept into the Revolutionary War after his family his threatened.  What is this movie called? 

4)  The original Jaws took place over the 4th of July holiday.  Including all the sequels...how many Jaws movies were there?  

5)  Question #2 dealt with Independence Day and Will Smith NOT returning.  Who DID return was the actor who played the President, in the original Independence Day? 

Play along below!

Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - July 1st, 2016