Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - July 15, 2019

July 15, 2019

1) Actor Jason Momoa has been getting some slack from trolls, commenting that he has a dad bod now and has really "let himself go". Which superhero does Momoa play...Aquaman, Antman or Captain Marvel?


2) Disney's upcoming streaming service Disney+ will probably be HUGE when it launches in November.  But just how  big will it be?  Let's play the Hi/Lo Game.  almost 60% of America says they're willing to pay 6.99 a month to get Disney+...is that too high or too low?  


3) Kim Catrall vows that she will "never, EVER" return to the franchise that made her star, Sex in the City.  Which Sex in the City character was she...Miranda, Samantha or Charlotte?


4) Today is ANOTHER Amazon Prime Day.  In what year did Jeff Bezos launch Amazon...1990, 92 or 94?


5) Friends fans are freaking out because THIS upscale home furnishing store has announced a new collection based on the show.  The "Friends" collection will hit stores later this month...and it's ironic, because Friends once did an entire episode on where it was revealed that Phoebe HATED this particular store.  What is it? 


Play along and listen below: