Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - January 25th, 2019

January 25, 2019

1) THIS network is taking on the Super Bowl with a six hour marathon of "Dr. Pimple Popper"….what network airs Dr. Pimple Popper...AMC, MTV or TLC? 


2) Among the Oscar SNUBS following the nominations this week, was the fact that despite Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga getting acting nods...and the movie itself getting a best picture nod...the movies director was NOT nominated.  Who is he? 


3) Now that the Big Bang Theory is over THIS actor MIGHT return to where he got his start...the Roseanne spinoff, The Connors as Darlene's love interest.  Who is he? 


4) There's a "Sopranos" sequel movie in the works.  It's called "The Many Saints of Newark", and it takes place in the 1960s.  Obviously, one of the characters will be a young Tony Soprano.  And it looks like they found the perfect guy for the job:  JAMES GANDOLFINI's son MICHAEL.  What was the name of Tony's son on The Soprano's? 


5) You might want  to go thru the attic and find some old toys....appraisers are saying a vintage one of these...a toy was first introduced in 1939. Children (and adults) could look through the binocular-like device to view photos and other images.  The average original price was $12.50.  Now...its worth $450.00!  Name it.


Play along and listen below: