Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - January 24th, 2019

January 24, 2019

1) The SuperBowl is set...with The Patriots returning to take on the LA Rams.  Maroon 5 is the halftime band which is fronted by Adam Levine.  Levine is a  coach on what singing talent show?


2) Full and Fuller House Star Jodie Sweetin had a birthday this week.  What is her character's name on that show? 


3) Oscar Nominations came out today...SO  Lets play the HI Lo Game!  The first Oscars EVER ran for 45 minutes.  Is that too high or too low? 


4) Nacho fries return to Taco Bell menus today.  What is Taco Bell's tagline?  


5) Fans of The Office are freaking out because it will Leaving Netflix for NBC's own streaming service.  In which city and state was the American version of The Office set in?


Play along and listen below: