Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - January 15th, 2019

January 15, 2019

1) Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger announced their engagement.  When they get married...what is the first name of Chris' father-in-law?


2) The newest internet sensation, Joey's Burgers Guy​ made headlines on Sunday after he photobombed Taye Diggsat the 2019 Critics' Choice Awards.  Joey's Burgers Guy, who has yet to be identifed, wasn't the first new face to go viral this award show season. Fans will recall this brand's Water Girl also became famous after she was spotted photobombing stars at the 2019 Golden Globes. Was the Water brand Aquafina, Dasani or Figi?


3) Last years bachelor Ari got married to Lauren over the weekend.  The host of the Bachelor and The Bachelorette officiated the ceremony.  Give me his full name.  


4) Maroon 5 will indeed be the halftime performers at this years Super Bowl.  Who was the Halftime performer LAST year? 


5) This week in 1990!!  The Simpsons debuted.  What is the name of Mr. Burns' assistant who is secretly in love with him on the show? 


Play along and listen below!