Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - January 11th, 2019

January 11, 2019

1) Serena is being featured on the cover of Allure Magazine which was accompanied by a profile where she talked about everything from giving birth, her career, and her most recent comeback.​  What sport is Serena Williams the best to ever play...in my opinion?  


2) The Founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos and his wife are getting a divorce...and if there is no pre-nup, she is entitled to half of his 139 Billion dollar fortune.  SO let's play the HI/Lo Game.  In 2011, Mel Gibson was ordered to pay his ex-wife the largest settlement in Hollywood history.  The settlement was for 375 million dollars. Is that Too High or Too low? 


3) It's been 20 years since what some say is the best show of all time, The Soprano's debuted.  Which Network brought The Sopranos? 


4) The Bachelor is back on the air...and LAST year's Bachelor Ari Lyenduyck Jr is days away from getting married from the woman he EVENTUALLY picked on the show.  Is her name Brittany, Lauren or Ava?


5) Lady Gaga says she is NOTHING like the character she played in her Golden Globe nominated movie A Star is Born.  What was her charcter's first name in A Star is Born? 


Play along and listen below: