Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - February 28th, 2019

February 28, 2019

1) Comedian and SNL star Pete Davidson kicked a heckler out of his show last week after the jerk screamed out the name Mac Miller, who died of a drug overdose last year and who was the one time boyfriend of an actress that was also engaged to Davidson. Who is she?


2) Jenna Fischer was on Busy Phillips' new show "Busy Tonight" this week  and was surprised when Phillips had a Birthday Party for her.  She was even more surprised when Steve Carell was popped out of one of the presents!  Name the legendary show these two are the co-stars of. 


3) This HUGELY influential entertainment website is doing away with pre-release ratings to combat Internet trolls who have been intentionally tanking the scores for movies like "Captain Marvel" and "Star Wars: Episode 9" BEFORE they're out. Is this site Rotten Tomatoes, E.com or Viewster?  


4) An extremely rare Tom Brady rookie card has been sold for over...are you ready for this... $400,000 in an online auction.  What year was the star of Ted 2 and a pretty good quarterback a rookie in the NFL?...2002, 2001 or 2000?


5) One of the top companies that makes fake money for movies and TV shows says it actually has to follow guidelines set by the Secret Service.  For instance, if the money looks too real, it can only be printed on one side.  Also, the "U" in "United States" is actually a "W"  One of the most famous movies about money is Oliver Stone's "Wall Street"...which had a2010 sequel starring Shia LeBouf and Micheal Douglas.  Give me the name of it by filling in the blank: "Wall Street:___"


Play along and listen below: