Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - February 27th, 2019

February 27, 2019

1) If there ever really was a feud between Lady Gaga and THIS musical superstar...it looks like it's over now.  Gaga went to her Oscar after-party, and they CUDDLED! Is this Superstar Janet Jackson, Madonna or Britney Spears?


2) It was announced yesterday that Jenna Hagar Bush will replace Kathy Lee Gifford on the 4th hour of this long running Morning TV News/Entertainment show.  What is it? 


3) The big talk around the Oscars CONTINUES to be the are they or aren't they talk surrounding Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, despite the fact that Coopers girlfriend and baby momma was in attendance AND let the standing ovation after their performance.   SO!  Let's play the Hi/Lo Game.  Bradley Cooper was actually married once to actress Jennifer Esposito.  They were married for 6 months.  Is that too hi or too low? 


4) Kacey Musgraves is still riding high after taking awards season by storm with her four Grammy wins and presenting at the 2019 Oscars. On Feb. 25, the country singer paid a special tribute to Texas' musical legend Selena .  In what year was Selena assassinated...1993, 95, or 97?  


5) Actress Selma Blair made her first public appearance since her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis in October, at the Oscars on Sunday.  Name the 1999 movie where Selma Blair co-starred with Sarah Michelle Gellar, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe. 


Play along and listen below: