Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - February 27th, 2018

February 27, 2018

1) MSN has put together a list of 'The 30 Funniest Skits of All Time' , from this long running live comedy show.  On this list Was "Motivational Speaker Matt Foley: A Van Down By the River", with Chris Farleyand "More Cowbell", with Christopher Walken and Will Ferrell. What show is this? 

2) Black Panther" made $108 million in its second week.  That's the second-best second week ever.  "Black Panther" has now made $400 million in just two weeks, meaning it's got a chance to be the biggest Marvel movie of all time. What IS the Biggest Marvel Movie of all time?  The Avengers, Hulk or Iron Man 2? 

3) Josh Duhamel seems to have a new girlfriend . . . but he's also defending his ex-wife's performance of the National Anthem.  Who is his ex wife? 

4) Kevin Smith told fans on Twitter that he suffered a massive heart attack and would have died if he had not canceled a comedy special and gotten to hospital for treatment.  Which of the following is NOT a Kevin Smith/Ben Affleck collaboration...Mallrats, Chasing Amy or Gigli? 

5) MTV Reality Star Jennifer Lynn Farley is having a Birthday today.  She is best known as a member of Jersey Shore.  What is she best known as?

Play along below: 

Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - February 27th, 2018