Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - February 25th, 2019

February 25, 2019

1) In a promotional video, Chrissy Teigen is sending husband John Legend off to his new job like she's sending him off to school, with all the important supplies: a book of country sayings, so he knows what Blake Shelton is talking about, a big button to practice with on the bus, earplugs because of how much Kelly Clarkson talks, and some tattoos so Adam Levine thinks he's cool. Johns new job is on what show? 


2) Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga delivered an emotional performance of their Oscar-nominated single "Shallow" on Sunday night at the 91st Academy Awards. Later in the evening, the single from "A Star is Born" won best original song.​  TRUE OR FALSE....THIS SONG from the LAST remake of a Star is Born also won an Oscar.


3) Julia Roberts wowed the crowd with her beautiful pink dress as she presented the Best Picture Oscar last night.  Julia has 5 Oscar nominations and won for what movie...Pretty Woman...Erin Brockovitch or Steel Magnolias? 


4) Spike Lee won his first competitive Oscar for Blackkklansman last night.  Spike is a HUGE sports fan and is often seen at which NBA city's games? 


5) Everyone is talking about the sparks between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper during their performance of THIS Oscar Winning song.... Name it.  


Play along and listen below: