Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - December 3rd, 2018

December 3, 2018

1) Nick Jonas got married over the weekend in India.  Nick was the most talented third of what family Boy Band that started in 2005. 


2) The steaming network that airs "Daredevil" made the shocking announcement last week that they are cancelling Daredevil after 3 seasons.  What Streaming network aired "Daredevil"...Netflix, Hulu or Crackle?

3) Chrissy Teagan just had a Birthday.   She and her husband just co-starred in a TV Christmas special named " A ______ Christmas.


4) Director Kevin Smith is taking the blame for not being on speaking terms with actor Ben Affleck. The pair used to be close friends and did 6 films together....including the 1999 movie  where Affleck plays a renegade Angel along side Matt Damon.  WHat's it called? 


5) Kat Von D is officially a mom! The celebrity tattoo artist and makeup mogul has given birth to her and husband's first child, a baby boy.  Name the TLC reality show that Kat was the host of in 2007 that ran for 4 seasons. 

Listen below and play along: