Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - August 8th, 2018

August 8, 2018

1) Warner Brothers and DC are developing a Supergirl movie.  What relation is Supergirl to Superman....Sister, Cousin or there's no relation?


2) Seth Rogen took to Twitter yesterday, to honor the 10 year anniversary of THIS movie...which is considered one of the top stoner movies of all rime and also co-stars James Franco and Danny McBride.  What is it? 


3) ABC is planning a special in November that will honor Mickey Mouse's birthday.  How old will Mickey be in November...80, 85 or 90? 


4) A study by match.com shows that the average date costs $102.32.  (2 dinners, bottle of wine, 2 movie tix) ...what on-line dating site uses the tag line, "City folks just don't get it"? 


5) Charlize Theron turned 43 yesterday. What actor was she engaged to in 2014 and 2015?


Listen and play along below: