Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - August 30th, 2018

August 30, 2018


1) Ben Affleck's issues with booze may cost him this superhero role.  An insurance expert says it might be too much to insure him for a major movie.  What superhero does Affleck play? 


2) Someone made a list of the most popular bad movie in each state.  Is the most popular bad movie In California The Room, Troll 2, or The Emoji Movie? 


3) The CMA Nominations came out this week.  This will be the 18th CMAS since Tammy and I began working together in 2000.  In that year....who won the CMA for Entertainer of the Year...Brooks and Dunn, The Dixie Chicks or Tim McGraw? 


4) Comedienne Kathy Griffin was among several comics who were disgusted that Louie CK returned to standup this week.  Name the sitcom that debuted in 1996  where Griffin co-starred with Brooke Shields? 


5) Actress Darryl Hannah and singer Neil Young got married over the weekend.  Darryl became a star when she played a mermaid who falls in love with Tom Hanks in the classic comedy film Splash.  What was Darryl's mermaid human name in Splash? 


Listen and play along below: