Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - August 29th, 2018

August 29, 2018

1) Reality TV star Jon Gosselin shared a picture of his now 14 year old daughter Hannah on her first day of school.  Jon and his then wife Kate became famous for their 2007 TV show "Jon and Kate _________"? 


2) Shania Twain celebrated her birthday yesterday.  To celebrate, E! Online listed what they think are the best Shania videos...did E pick "Man! I feel Like a Woman", "Any Man of Mine" or "That Don't Impress Me Much?


3) A guy in Florida got pulled over on Monday and the cop asked him about the suspicious, quote, "long object" in his pants.  And the guy busted out the classic, "That's what she said line" that was made famous from what classic sitcom? 


4) Louis C.K. made a surprise return to standup comedy Monday night in New York City, and the internet roasted him for it.​  What was the name of the super popular Louis Ck TV show on FX?


5) Hot Dog eating champion Joey Chesnut is releasing his own condiment line.  Joey holds the world record for most hot dogs eaten in 12 minutes...Tell me how many hot dogs Joey ate to attain the World Record...whoever is closer will get it right!


Play along and listen below: