Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge with Vicki Barbolak- August 27, 2019

August 27, 2019

1) In the ultimate Millennial diss, Tom Holland has unfollowed Sony on Instagram after the company pulled Spider-Man out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe when a deal with Marvel's parent company couldn't be reached. Who owns Marvel? 


2) Speaking of Marvel, Ryan Reynolds commemorated his wife Blake Lively's birthday by posting a series of unflattering photos of her on his 'gram. We're talking half-closed eyes, motion blurs, unfocused pics, and half-out-of-frame shots. What Marvel superhero does Ryan Reynolds currently play - Deadpool, Captain America or Green Lantern?


3) A recent survey found the top celebrities men and women fantasize about and coming in at number for us ladies is Channing Tatum. What is the name of Tatum's character in the movies where he played a male stripper? 

4) Taylor Swift won the big award at last night's VMAs but almost didn't get her statue. John Travolta tried to hand it off to a Rupaul's Drag Race contestant dressed as the singer instead of Taylor herself. This, of course, is not Travolta's first award show mistake. Which singer did he introduce as Adele Dazeem before a performance of "Let It Go" at the Oscars? 


5) Saturday Night Live announced that Eddie Murphy will be returning to host after a 35 year absence from the show that started his career. Within 2 years, how old was Murphy when he first joined the SNL cast? 


Play along and listen below: