Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - August 26, 2019

August 26, 2019

1) Miley Cyrus took to Twitter last week to explain that she was fired from Hotel Transylvania after an image appeared online with her and then boyfriend Liam Hemsworth and an adult cake. She was then replaced by what Wizards of Waverly Place star? 


2) Taylor Swift's new album"Lover" has been released and it turns out it is heavily influenced by her boyfriend of three years Joe Alwyn, including lyrics like "He got that boyish look that I like in a man." What number album is this for Taylor? Five, six or seven? 


3) Star Wars fans finally got what they wanted on Friday when Disney announced at D23 that Ewan McGregor will return to reprise his legendary role in a new series for Disney+. What is the name of that character he played in the prequels?


4) Leonardo DiCaprio and his environmental charity are putting up $5 million to help fight the wildfires in the Amazon.  What movie did Leo finally win an Oscar for?

5) Netflix released a teaser trailer for the new Breaking Bad movie hitting the streaming service in October. The movie follows the story of Aaron Paul's character after the events of the epic series finale. What was the name of his character? 


Play along and listen below: