Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - August 23, 2019

August 23, 2019

1) Happy Birthday Dan Symers...one half of Dan and Shay.  According to their smash hit , he thinks about his ex girlfriend when he drinks what?


2) In 2005, rapper/businessman P Diddy changed his name to Diddy.  What was his original rap name?


3) Mattel has released their Star Wars Barbie collection.  Barbies are dressed as Princess Leia Darth VAder  and r2d2.  What are r2d2 and c3-po commonly known as?  


4) Madonna had her 61st birthday last week.  One of her most legendary moments is when she sang the song Like A Virgin, while writhing on the floor wearing a weddiing dress.  This happened all the way back in 1984.  What award show did she do this on? 


5) A young man proposed to his girlfriend at a Basckstreet Boys concert on stage last week.  Give me the 1st names of all the Backstreet Boys. 


Play along and listen below: