Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - August 16th, 2018

August 16, 2018

1) Page Six reports that Matt Laurer is “bending over backwards” to give ex-wife Annette Roque everything she wants and has agreed to pay her a $20 million divorce settlement. The couple split after his firing in Nov. of 2017 following reports of inappropriate sexual misconduct. What show was Matt fired from?


2) Lindsay Lohan really wants to play Ariel in the upcoming The Little Mermaid reboot film – with Meryl Streep as Ursula! The 32-year-old Mean Girls star shared a photo of the two Disney characters on Instagram on Monday saying “My dream Role with #merylstreep." What is the name of Ariel's prince in the Littler Mermaid? 


3) Michael Che and Colin Jost ​will be hosting the Emmys in September.  What popular SNL segment do they also host together? 


4) Kylie Jenner plans of gifting her daughter Stormy a $27,000 designer purse.  Did Kylie have Stormy or did Khloe have Tru first? 


5) Jim Carrey says he needed to take some time away from Hollywood, because, quote, "I just didn't want to be in the business anymore.  I didn't like what was happening, the corporations taking over and all that.  Carrey won a Golden Globe for portraying the late comedian Andy Kaufman in what 1999 movie? 


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