Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - August 13, 2019

August 13, 2019

1) Bebe Rexha  spoke up on Instagram while taking aim at an unnamed male music executive and his alleged comments toward her.  Rexha claims she was told she was "too old to be sexy".  The singer is 29.  Tell me the name of this song she sings on. 


2) Actress Cobie Smulders has a new action series staring in the fall on ABC. It's called Stumptown.   Smulders is best known for her role in the Marvel movies and for playing star Robin Scherbatsky on what long running CBS sitcom? 


3) The big talk over the week was Taylor appearing verrrry loose as  the 29-year-old singer threw a party in  Los Angeles in honor of her nominations for the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards.  How many VMA nominations did Taylor get...6, 8 or 10? 


4) Country Singer/Actress Jana Kramer on her podcast revealed that this popular CW show that she joined the cast of in it's 6th season had a very "divided set"  which made it a very tough working environment.  Jana played Alex on this show which ran from 2003 to 20012 What is this show? 


5) It's the 25th anniversary of Friends. Phoebe, played by Lisa Kudrow was a unique cast member of the show, because she also played Phoebes indentical twin sister.  What was her name? 


Play along and listen below: