Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge: August 12, 2016

August 12, 2016

1)  This superstar has lost dozens of pounds this year thanks to Weight Watchers...which is good, because she happens to own part of the company.  Who is this Billionaire Superstar? 

2)  Actress Melissa Joan Hart has three boys and wants to keep trying till she has a girl.  Hart starred as a witch in this TV series that ran from 1996-2003.  What was the first name of this witch? 

3)  Ben Affleck's younger Brother is having a birthday today.  He is also an actor who co-stared with Ben in Good Will Hunting.  What's his name? 

4)   Danny Bonaduce is celebrating a birthday this weekend.  Bonaduce is a former child actor who starred as Danny Patriridge in the classic tv show The Partridge Family...a show about about a family rock band.  What instrument did Danny play? 

5) It's the weekend of Birthdays as Anna Gunn is also having a Birthday today.  She played Walter Whites wife in Breaking Bad...which some people consider the best TV show of all time.  What's Walter's wife's first name? 


Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge