Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - April 5, 2019

April 5, 2019

1) Yesterday was National Burrito Day....what is the name of the burrito that's native to San Diego that has French fries...or potatoes in it?  


2) Boy Bander Brian Littrell's teenage son will be opening for his dad's band on the current leg of their tour.  Which Boy Band is Littrell a part of?  


3) The newest thing people are doing on social media is the #CarAlarmChallenge . . . where you do your best imitation of a car alarm.  What was the name of the social media challenge that started in  the summer of 2014 that raised 220 million and raised awareness for ALS.


4) Charlize Theron is ready for love.  Like, SERIOUSLY ready.  She says, quote, "I've been single for 10 years, it's not a long shot.  Somebody just needs to grow a pair and step up."​  Name the 2003 movie where Charlize played a serial killer AND did so so well she won an Oscar for it.  


5) Former Olympian SHAWN JOHNSON is expecting her first child.  Shawn is also a former Dancing With the Stars Champion.  Which season did she win? 


Play along and listen below: