Randy Houser Calls Tammy To Talk About Short Film, "Magnolia"

Will He Help Tammy And Co-Host The Show?

August 26, 2019

John is out on a roadt trip with his daughter and Tammy has been looking for celebrities and country artists to come by and co-host the show with her. Randy Houser heard she was looking for someone and addressed her request to have him come in and help with the show! Did he say he could do it?

Also, he catches Tammy up with all the things he's up to including the short film Magnolia which was inspired by the music of Randy’s album of the same name that was released earlier in the year! The film came out on August 20th and is available on iTunes, Amazon and on other movie streaming platforms! Randy House is an executive producer on the film, stars in the film and sings his music in the film as well. Listen below to hear him chat about it with Tammy!