Parents Are Loving Throwing Cheese On Their Children

Producer Jessica wants to throw a cheese slice at Baby Walt!

March 5, 2019

The latest viral internet challenge involves a slice of cheese and...babies. And parents are LOVING IT! A dad started this challenege by throwing a slice of cheese on his baby and it was LOL funny so the rest of the world jumped on too 'cheesing' their babies, kids, moms, dads and even dogs! It's hilarious to see the reactions of the babies after getting a slice of cheese thrown on their face and Producer Jessica and Tammy decide to do this with their babies. Listen below to hear the show talk about this and also watch a compilation of people to the 'cheesed challenge' AND Tammy 'cheesing' her dog! LOL!

Tammy did the “cheesed challenge” with her dog Sophia... who knows a “good stay!” #cheesechallenge #cheesedchallenge

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