Luke Combs Stagecoach Interview

April 27, 2019

Nobody has had a better year than Luke Combs. We can’t even count how many number one songs he’s had since we last talked to him.

A few years ago, Combs was playing the Mane Stage at 2 p.m. to a small crowd. This year, he hit the Mane Stage to a packed crowd right before the headliner. The sun had just set, we were at 80 degrees in the Indio desert, and the show was fire!

Combs has the same swagger that he had years ago when he was playing dive bars and bowling alleys. Never forget where you came from - It’s a theme in many of his songs.

“It’s going to sound wild, but my high school chorus teacher instilled a lot of confidence in me… whe was like my school mom. I was in chorus everyday of highschool,” he told John and Tammy, “I always loved to sing, I just didn’t know if I was any good at it until I got with her and she taught me things about how to sing better.”

Combs keeps in touch with her to this day. Catch the full interview below.