KSON Going Gold for Vaughn Danger Vopat

September 12, 2016

Vaughn Danger Vopat came into this world on December 15, 2013. He was the most beautiful child his parents, Matt and Ashley, had ever seen. From the beginning, Vaughn was an exceptionally happy baby. He seemed content in anybody’s arms and rarely ever cried. He had gorgeous bright blue eyes, a deliciously chubby little body and was always a ham for the camera.

Vaughn made his parents so proud. He consistently met his milestones ahead of schedule and started talking at around seven months old. His best friend was his puppy brother, Butters, the family American Pit Bull Terrier that never left his side. Anyone who met Vaughn was instantly drawn to his radiant smile and his charismatic personality.

On October 14th, Vaughn’s parents took him to the ER for what they thought was the stomach flu. While there, the doctor noticed his right eye was slightly droopy. At first they thought it was because he always slept on his right side but then decided to do a CT scan for peace of mind. Never did they imagine the scan would show that their worst nightmare had come true.

Matt and Ashley were pulled into a tiny room and told that their son had a mass in his brain. Unfortunately, the bad news didn’t stop there. An MRI showed malignant tumors throughout his brain and spine.

Vaughn was immediately admitted to the hospital. Two days later he underwent biopsy surgery where surgeons removed 20 percent of the main tumor in his brain. The biopsy results showed that Vaughn had high-risk Medulloblastoma. Medulloblastoma is a fast-growing tumor that originates in the cerebellum and is somewhat common in children. Typical treatment for this type on tumor is resection, chemotherapy and radiation but since Vaughn was only 10 months old the plan was to do chemotherapy and then reevaluate treatment after a year.

Sadly, Vaughn never got the chance to start chemotherapy. The cancer was growing much more rapidly than doctors had realized. After Vaughn became paralyzed on Halloween, doctors got another MRI, which showed how aggressive this evil cancer truly was. They immediately performed emergency surgery to remove the tumor compressing his spinal cord. Vaughn made it through the risky surgery but it wasn’t enough.

On November 8, 2014, while holding the hands of his mama and dada, baby Vaughn took his last breath and made his way to Heaven. Although his time on earth was short, he touched many hearts and made quite an impact on this world and, for that, he will never be forgotten.

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Vaughn's parents Matt and Ashley talked to us about their son's struggle with cancer. Listen below: 

KSON Going Gold for Vaughn Danger Vopat