KSON Going Gold for Sophia Christensen

September 15, 2016

Sophia Christenen, Age 15, has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Here is her story: 

In July of 2015 Sophia,  was a active full of enegry 14 year old girl. She loved being with her friends and Horses. All day with her horses, so when she started to complain of being tired and her body hurt. We didn’t think anything other than… “She is riding to much”. Sophia was also a competitive cheerleader and an County Ambassador, so of course we thought she was just tired. 

After a long week of riding all day and playing in the summer sun, she came home tired and sick. So sick we ended up in the ER at Radys Children Hospital and on July 22 after a long four days we heard the worst word you could hear as a parent of a child… She has Leukemia, the journey began and we spent the next 49 days in the hospital and treatment to continue for 2.5 years ending in Nov of 2017  

Sophia has had some serious side effects from the chemo but stays strong and tries to be a positive influence on her community by raising awareness and speaking about child hood cancer. She is loves being with her horses and is Miss Teen Mountain Empire, her platform being Childhood Cancer Awareness. Sophia is raising money this month to help other families that are just getting out of the hospital and those families that may need a little help. 

Sophia is SO close to her $3,000 goal, let's help her get there! Click here to donate to Sophie's Trophies.

KSON Going Gold for Sophia Christenen