KSON Going Gold for Ryan Wilcox

September 2, 2016


Unfortunately Ryan passed away this weekend. Our thoughts are with his friends and family. 

If you would like to make a donation to Ryan's memorial fund you can do so here

"Strength doesn't really come from your muscles. It comes from your spirit, and your heart, and love." ~Ryan Wilcox

Ryan has shown incredible strength and courage his entire life.  

Almost 15 years ago our lives were forever changed when we heard the words no parent should ever have to hear...."Your child has cancer".   Ryan was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.....he was only 3 years old.   Over the next 4 years, he would endure months of chemotherapy, weeks of radiation and multiple surgeries and hospital stays and 1 miracle surgery before being declared tumor free on June 14, 2005....he was 7 years old. Our prayers had been answered.

He was cancer free for almost 10 years......

In December 2014, our worst fears of cancer someday returning, became a heartbreaking reality when Ryan was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called secondary MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndrome).  Secondary because it is believed to have been caused by the chemotherapy he endured while battling his brain tumor when he was younger.  A few months later he received a life saving bone marrow transplant from his younger sister, Bailey.   After several months in the hospital and a really tough fight back, we recently received the devastating news that his cancer has returned. His MDS has now evolved into AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia) a very aggressive and extremely hard cancer to treat.  He is now fighting for the 3rd time.

Ryan has had to overcome many challenges in his young life, however, he never complains.  He may be small in stature,  but he is HUGE on life, teaching us all how to LIVE despite the challenges we may face. Everyone that knows him, loves him.....he has touched the hearts of so many.  Even those who have never personally met him, are inspired by his strength...and his sweet smile.  He never takes anything for granted and always sees the best in everything. His spirit is so strong and SO very bright, and he continues to teach us the true meaning of perspective and gratitude and about what truly matters most.  He is our Hero.

Facebook page: facebook.com/teamryanwilcox

Donation page: www.youcaring.com/helpingthewilcoxfamily 

KSON Going Gold for Ryan Wilcox