KSON Going Gold for Alexis

September 7, 2016

Alexis, born Feb 21st 2007 was 9 years young when she passed away on Aug 7th 2016 @ 5:25pm.

She fought hard her entire life. In 2008 at age 1 she was diagnosed with RHABDYOSARCOMA. In 2010 she relapsed and it took away her left leg in Jan  2011. Once again she relapsed in Sept 2015, this time in her left arm. She was on a clinical trail for that. Then comes April 2016, she has a major seizure and 2 Brain tumors were diagnosed. 2 weeks later they were resected 100%. She was receiving Radiation treatment in her brain and arm. July comes for her routine scans and it now shows 2 new brain tumors! AGAIN..! Her protocol is to do a bone marrow and spinal tap everytime there's new findings  to make sure it's all clear. Well unfortunately Alexis results came back on July 29th..... positive! Her spinal fluid was filled with cancer cells! When I got the results I went numb. To hear the only person you trust with your childs life say that there is nothing that can be done for her, it's horrible. I literally died. My world turned upside down in a matter of seconds. We were discharged from hospital on Sunday July 31st. We went home on hospice and an exact week later on Sunday the 7th my baby is gone.

Everything came and went so fast and it didn't even give us time to prepare. 

I know she is now in the arms of the Lord and it's hard for all of us to accept.

Alexis left behind her older brother Michael (12) and little sister Angelina  (7).

Alexis was a true warrior. She loved to play soccer.  She was in cheerleading for the CV Aztec and was also a member of girl scouts troop 5007. She always seemed to maintain a smile on her face do despite everything she was dealing with.  She loved everything and everybody. She has a bubbly and sassy personality. Every nurse at Radys children's knew her. She was so blessed.

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Jessica shares some beautiful memories of her daughter Alexis with John and Tammy, listen here:

KSON Going Gold for Alexis