John and Tammy Meet Noah Schnacky At John and Tammy's Pickin' Parlor!

July 18, 2019

This is our 2nd Pickin' Parlor of the week and this time John and Tammy had the chance to meet Noah Schnacky! Not only has Noah had an amazing career in movies and television already, not only is he super talented and has a great voice, but he's easy on the eyes too! All the ladies in the building came out to watch him and totally were crushing on him! Listen below to hear John and Tammy interview him and hear a little bit of him singing at John and Tammy's New Country Pickin' Parlor! And if you ever want the chance to be in the audience for one of John and Tammy's New Country Pickin' Parlor's head to our KSON Events page at or click HERE!