John and Tammy Meet Blanco Brown!

July 17, 2019

Blanco Brown is a new country artist but definitely not new to the music scene. He has been producing and writing songs for many artisits such as Kane Brown and many other artists and now, it's his time! He describes his music as trailer trap and has a voice that can sing a Sam Cooke cover to his own fun and upbeat song called "The Git Up". You might know the dance!

 KSON listeners had the chance to meet Blanco Brown in John and Tammy's New Country Pickin' Parlor here at the SDCCU Soundspace and everyone had such a good time! If you ever want the chance to be in the audience for one of John and Tammy's New Country Pickin' Parlor's head to our KSON Events page at or click HERE

Listen below to hear John and Tammy chat about their experience meeting Blanco Brown below: