Jody Steel Paints Keith Urban's Body

Yes, Tammy is jealous

April 13, 2016

(photo: Tammy's husband, Tammy, and Keith Urban)

Tammy's dream job: painting on Keith Urban!  

This artist, Jody Steel, got that job (see video HERE) and joined the show to talk about it - listen here: 

Jody Steel Paints Keith Urban

Wednesday, April 13th

Tammy's dream Job...


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There are announcing his tour date in his album released on an. A video they made on his website where there's an artist painting his naked chest everybody and down the artists joins us. Right now because I she's ten days. To be okay yeah all right so imagine that you are an artist and you get a phone call that says hey we're in need you to draw and paint on Keith Urban naked torso. I imagine Tammy from. Can turn out there do you make it to the full golf. I well it's god dog it I don't wanna miss an opportunity of a lifetime go to Keith Urban dot net right now you'll see Q talk about his new record. Record his new song wasted time. And you'll see the work of Jodie Steele who got that job good morning Jodi. Good morning Harry and Jody okay first of course I have to ask this for every female let's keep their rent house saw it was his skin home. I only advanced and woody smell like. I say he is an amazing given me again absolutely not and. Amazing came as if he's guilty I expected I mean no disrespect when I say I expect you to be completely 100%. It was just another piece of work it was just another piece of art. But you're just like every other woman you a couple of my. I did when I got the call it does I think it's like we Hume which he wanted to aren't you Durbin and I had them just like wait a fairly good note this is actually. I can trick the. And his sister Jodi Steele is with us and she is the artist whose work is feature she's one was drawing on Keith Urban. I'm an old short video he made announcing his tour at Keith Urban dot net is all of the kids when FaceBook is well. Put Jodie in all seriousness did you have a hard time maintaining a while you're working after all you are professional. Well the thing is when you start to dry it really does become about the dry you're because focused on if he felt and yeah oh yeah I guess they get into this show and then yeah that's the last thing they give out. So during the drive inherit the treaty he. This yeah. Steele is an artist whose you can see painting on. In drawing on Keith Urban is naked chest at Indiana on her illness knack in his bag case summit to deal warm your hands before this. Well you know I don't need them it's like a brochure the market is that you and then you have these out to hold Ahmanson's classrooms I'm sure your hands are planning on. Your spare parts are drawn. And it is there to pick good targets and entered on him especially like to let you know. Creative aspects relieved that he was going to do it you know you have he would he would do all that tort date on him I thought that was our citizens you know different than any they had done before. Just yet you miss it used to date dole. You miss a very important one if it's in lakeside California. At my house that I could play. I. Carolina no known about don't have. Why Alice Cooper is just you can't paint a that only still is this your most unusual piece of. I'm really and you know. It's by far with you know one of the most well known people ever written that I haven't. But it I guess it's huge it's the Brady on him with something that I hadn't done before and I don't need or part of the body. They're bad day I got this one part of the bodies of the video that. Yeah yeah yeah. A little boy. Yeah well. Quirky detective as cool that he cannot judge and they are the best that I would go. Jody is there any weakness is their ranks are people often help a guy out here is like looking myself in the mirror anyway and is there anything and keep your really dedicate these. Not elaborate. Pop up. I'm gonna go on the Jim cash on hand and pulled up all right Jodi thanks Jodi is still ahead job that many many many of you ladies like Jodie congratulations on your gas your people find out more volume. Yeah and he didn't get Jerry you know on land grab and lately they can trigger and it featured you know and I do think that he could throw that was pretty cool minus. Yeah as soon as I got up and coming in every Tuesday and Saturday. And I tip ideas themselves would you come and pay some supplement that's yeah. I don't want to me there completely damaged chubby hairy belly and Melissa yeah. How they just can't thank you Stephanie. Thanks to go to an injury by night.