Fall Back Saturday Night

November 3, 2017

Thanks to Dave Mason at Sunny 98.1 for this...

The Daylight Saving Time saga continues this weekend when you get to set your clock BACK one hour Saturday night when you go to bed (Or Sunday at 2am to be exact).  The target date for the time change keeps changing- and the latest change was an association of candy makers who wanted Halloween to fall inside the DST period.  

So now, a lilttle DST fun.  Are these statements real or not?

  1.  Arizona is the only state that doesn't do Daylight Saving Time.

(Hawaii doesn't do it either.  Also, one section of Arizona DOES do it.  The Navajo Nation in the northeast corner of the state observes it each year.  But a Hopi Indian reservation right in the middle of it DOESN'T observe it.)

2.  There's a resort in Madagascar that created its own time zone to give guests a little more sunlight.

Yes:  One reason was to make watching the sunset more convenient.  They're an hour ahead of the rest of the country, so it's like Daylight Saving Time all year.

3.  Parts of China and Russia spring forward TWICE a year, because they're so big.

No.  They don't do Daylight Saving Time at all.  China tried it from 1986 until 1992.  Russia stopped doing it in 2014.

4.  Researchers in Antarctica do Daylight Saving Time, even though there are parts of the summer where the sun never even comes up.

Yes:  There are a few weeks when the sun never comes up.  But they do it to stay in synch with their supply stations in South America and New Zealand. 

5.  There are a total of 24 different time zones in the world.

No.  There are a bunch of time zones that are 30 minutes and 45 minutes apart.  So there are actually 39 different time zones.