Ever Wonder What It's Like To Be Measured For A Coffin? John Can Tell You!

October 10, 2019

There are just a few more days till Halloween, which means...we get to hear John do the enitre morning show from the inside of a customized coffin!!!


If you don't remember, when the Green Bay Packers (Tammy's favorite team) played the Chicago Bears (John's favorite team) a couple weeks ago, they both agreed to bet their team would win. Whoever's team did not win, that person would have to do the entire morning show from the inside of a coffin ON HALLOWEEN. And guess who lost? JOHN OF COURSE! Haha!

So today, Greg and Sue, our friends from The Disturbance by The Haunted Hotel in Mission Valley, stopped by to...OFFICIALLY MEASURE JOHN FOR HIS COFFIN! Weird, creepy, scary, fun and funny all at the same time! So, if you've ever wondered what it's like to be measured for a coffin, listen below!