Employment After Deployment: So Cal Water Heating Specialists Inc. Is Hiring!

December 12, 2018

John and Tammy have a program for those looking to transition out of the military. It's called Employment after Deployment and they want to get heroes HIRED!

If you're a veteran looking to get a job please email John at John@kson.com or Tammy at Tammy@kson.com. They'd love to feature you on the show!


Lizzy is the office manager at  So Cal Water Heating Specialists Inc. and she reached out to John and Tammy along with her boss and the owner David to help out with John and Tammy's Employment After Deployment! They are looking to hire a hero!  So Cal Water Heating Specialists Inc specializes in repairing and installing residential and commercial water heaters and they are looking to hire veterans that have plumbing knowledge boiler and water heater knowledge and they're willing to train as well. If this sounds like a job for you, please contact them at the info below!