Employment After Deployment: Global Maritek Is Hiring!

November 14, 2019

John and Tammy have a program for those looking to transition out of the military. It's called Employment after Deployment and they want to get heroes HIRED!

If you're a veteran looking to get a job please email John at John@kson.com, Tammy at Tammy@kson.com or Producer Jessica at Jessica@kson.com.

Global Maritek wants to hire vetereans and Mark Eddo joined John and Tammy to talk about the company and why he wants to hire veterans.  

Global Maritek is a local company here in San Diego and they also have sites nationwide looking to hire too. They are currently looking for 2 good hard working people. They work in the mechanical field of fixing Government boats and are looking to find someone who is mechanically inclined (boat experience would be great) to hire. They also do a lot of towing, so truck drivers are included. CDL is needed for this. But if someone is willing, they can train too. If this fits your program, please contact Mark at mark.eddo@nmsc.gov​. 

Listen to Mark from Global Maritek talk with John and Tammy below: