Employment After Deployment: Five Star Communications Is Hiring!

November 8, 2019

John and Tammy have a program for those looking to transition out of the military. It's called Employment after Deployment and they want to get heroes HIRED!

If you're a veteran looking to get a job please email John at John@kson.com, Tammy at Tammy@kson.com or Producer Jessica at Jessica@kson.com.

Five Star Communications wants to hire vetereans and Austin Sutherland joined John and Tammy to talk about the company and why he wants to hire veterans.  

Their company is looking to expand and they need motivated people who want to work for an AMAZING company. They are a telecommunications construction company that builds and maintains the COX Communications system.

To learn more about the position email Austin Sutherland at austin@5starusa.com

Listen to Austin talk with John and Tammy below: