Jim Floros Joins John and Tammy for their Food Fund Border Battle at Village Kitchen and Pie Shoppe in Carlsbad!

November 1, 2019

Today is the first John and Tammy Food Fund of the season! This year, the following 4 Friday's will be part of a border battle between East County and North County! 

Today, John and Tammy collected food for the San Diego Food Bank at Village Kitchen and Pie Shoppe in Carlsbad and Jim Floros from the San Diego Food Bank joined them to talk about the importance of these food fund's and what they do for the people in San Diego in need. 

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Next week, Novemeber 8, John and Tammy will be collecting food in EAST COUNTY! Is east county going to bring it? Join us at Friday, November 8th at from 6a-9am at Eastbound Bar & Grill and listen below to hear John and Tammy chat with Jim Floros of the San Diego Food Bank: