Bailey in Lakeside Pays It BACK at John and Tammy's Food Fund

November 8, 2019

Bailey has been a long time listener and friend of John and Tammy's and they hadn't heard from him in a while. He left to Michigan with his family and then got a call that he had a job in San Diego again so he made the move back. On his way back, he got a call that they were only offering him a part time job, something him, his wife and 2 kids were not prepared for and they went through some tough times where they had to rely on services like the San Diego Food Bank and he is SO grateful. You can hear it in his voice. So now, that him and his family are in a much better situation, he is able to pay BACK and GIVE to John and Tammy's Food Fund to help those that were in a similar situation as him or worse. Listen to him sgare his story with John and Tammy below and come out to our next John and Tammy Food Fund next Thursday, Novemeber 14th. Get all the info HERE or donate NOW below!