April 25 Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - Rheane

April 25, 2016

Rheane flunked out, but she has the day off...so who cares.  Do you think you could've done better?

1)  Theaters across America will be showing the classic Prince movie 'Purple Rain" to commemorate the passing of the legendary musician.  What year did Purple rain come out, 1974, 1984 or 2004?

2)  It's going to be a while until we find out the reason that Prince died.  According to his friends...Prince only wathed television to see the news and The New Girl, with Zoey Deschanel.  He was such a fan of that show that he guest starred on an episode in 2014.  What network airs The New Girl?

3) Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder and his 7 year olf daughter teamed up to perform a cover from this Superhero's 1960's tv show.  What's the show?

4)  Actress Sophia Bush may be throwing Lady Gaga a bachelorette party as the 2 became fast friends after Sophia and Gaga’s fiancé Taylor Kinney worked together. Sophia Bush played Brooke Davis on what teen drama that lasted for 9 seasons from 2003-2012?​ 

5)  Jodie Sweetin was hospitalized after injuring her ankle during “Dancing with the Stars” rehearsals and may not be able to go tonight.   What season of Dancing With The Stars is currently airing? 

April 25 Tammy's College of Hollywod Knowledge - Rheane