Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - November 27, 2019

November 27, 2019

1) Maury Povich is the longtgime host of Maury...and now There's a new "Maury" board game .  It's unclear exactly how it'll work, but it's being described as a "hilarious party game" with "outrageous accusations" and a "big reveal" at the end.  Fill in the Blank for Maury's catchphrase...which is also the name of the game....You are Not the _______. 


2) Johnny Galecki is re-teaming with the network that aired his most famous show....The Big Bang Theory.  What network aired Big Bang Theory?


3) Nickelodeon has the renewed preschool series Blues Clues & You for a second season.  Of course, the original Blues Clues was HUGE in the 90's and featured an animated puppy named Blue and his human host named________? 


4) A video has surfaced on George Lucas watching Episode 1 of the Star Wars saga...and to say he looked disappointed at the end would be an understatement.  What is the name of Star Wars, Episode 1....The Phantom Menace, Revenge of the Sith or Attack of the Clones?


5) Lauren Alaina had made the finals of DWTS!  What number season of American Idol did Lauren finish runner up? 


Play along and listen below: