Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - November 21, 2019

November 21, 2019

1) The best thing I saw yesterday was the video that the San Diego Zoo Safari Park shared of some elephants frolicking in the rain and mud during yesterday's storms.  What is the name of Disney's famous Elephant that brought us this beautiful song? 


2) The Grammy nominations came out yesterday and it was a HUGE day for country legend Tanya Tucker who received 4 nominations...including one for SONG OF THE YEAR .  What city in America are the Grammy's held? 


3) After ARIANA GRANDE canceled her show in Lexington, Kentucky Sunday night, about 40 fans met up at the arena anyway, and went to a nearby restaurant. Ariana heard about it and paid the bill.  Ariana rose to prominence for her role as Cat Valentine in this Nickelodeon television series that ran from 2010-2013. 


4) A guy in Ohio punched his brother on Sunday for not giving him money to pursue his dream to audition for "America's Got Talent".  He was charged with domestic violence and aggravated menacing . . . and there's no word on what his talent is...but I'm guessing it's NOT impulse control.  Who is the current host of America's Got Talent? 


5) Actress Brenda Song was told she "wasn't Asian enough" to audition for "Crazy Rich Asians."  Song, who IS Asian American and has been in movies like The Social Network became a star playing a ditzy hotel heiress on Disney Channel's "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody".  What was her character's name? 


Play along and listen below: